1. What is Signio?

Signio’s mission is to make notarizations fast, reliable and painless by levering modern mobile technology and a strong network of highly skilled & highly qualified notaries.

2. How does Signio work?

In order to get a document notarized all you need to do is fill in your details on Signio's order page and our system will automatically match you with a nearby notary that’s able to attend your notarization needs.

It only takes a few minutes and you’re set!

3. How much Signio costs?

As with all other notarizations Signio charges 15 USD / notary signature and a 40 USD service fee that includes the transport fee for the notary to your location.

4. What do I need to get a document notarized?

When you request a document to be notarized you must make sure:

1. The notary is able to perform positive identification: The signer must have a valid id with him and the signer's name has to be identical to the name in the id.

2. You are the person who is signing the document or if not the person that has to sign the document has to be present. 

3. The signer is able to demonstrate that they are aware of what it is that they are signing and that they are willing to sign it. 

4. The signer is able to communicate with the notary in English.

If any of the above mentioned criteria is not fulfilled the notary is entitled to refuse the notarization of the document.

5. What sort of document types can be notarized with Signio?

Signio’s notaries can notarize all types of documents that are subject to this process.

These types of documents include, but are not limited to: loan signings, signature witnessing, power of attorneys, acknowledgements, jurats, oaths or affirmations.

6. I am a business with higher notarization volumes. Can Signio help me?

Businesses that have large volumes of notarizations can sign up for a Signio affiliate account. This means you will be able to order notaries and track the order progress from a centralized dashboard while generating revenue off every single notarization.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Signio affiliate partner here.

7. What happens if Signio is unable to find a notary for me right away?

Signio is constantly growing its mobile notary network, however there are times when all our notaries are attending other signings.

Even if we cannot find a notary for you right away, you can still opt for a continuous search for another 30 minutes from the moment your order is processed. This will significantly increase the chances of finding a notary and once this happens you will be notified on your email right away.

Get to know us, check out our blog!

Signio’s blog is packed with everything you need to know about notarizations.

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